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You’re a Visual Learner, Aren’t You?

Is it easier to draw for your team or to guess what those scribbles are?  Let’s find out in this virtual version of the hilarious Pictionary-style game.



How it Works 

  1. Book your time
  2. Charge up your connected device (phone, tablet, computer). Having two devices is even better.
  3. We’ll break you up into small groups. Which team will win?
  4. Our hosts will ensure your group is connected to our fun and easy doodling platform.
  5. Each round, groups will head off to private breakout rooms to start their sketching.
  6. Afterward, we’ll provide you with a copy of all the magnificent artwork.



Approximately $26-$36 per person, starting at $450/event. Do you want to ensure you have fun locked in the calendar for your team every month?  Check out our multi-event packages or our JAM Plans!