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Higher. Faster. Funnier.

Compete in a series of activities with your teammates. Earn a spot on the podium and play for office bragging rights.

Game Options 

“BIG BRAIN” Olympics:
– 90 minutes
– Warm-up games
– Game 1: Trivia
– Game 2: Survey Says
– Presentation of Winners


“ACTION HERO” Olympics:
– 90 minutes
– Warm-up games
– Game 1: Escape Room
– Game 2: Scavenger Hunt
– Presentation of Winners<


Multi-Week Company Competition:
– Ask us about our multi-week ‘Trivia Tournaments’ and ‘Remote Games’ competitions.
– Create a custom “team-vs-team” experience that can be played across all divisions of your national or global company.

How it Works

  1. Book your time
  2. Charge up your connected device (phone, tablet, computer). Having two devices is even better.
  3. Our hosts will ensure your group is connected and will get the party going.
  4. Faster, Higher, Stronger! Work with your teammates to score valuable points for your squad.
  5. We’ll announce the results and celebrate all of our Olympians.


Virtual Events start at $30 per person / $500 event minimum. Additional discounts are available for groups of 50+. 

Virtual Events