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Amazing Virtual Events

What the heck is JAM?

Sport & Social Group and JAM virtual events Founder and CEO Kristi Herold

For 25 years the Sport & Social Group’s (SSG) purpose has been “connecting people through play”.  In March of 2020, the COVID19 pandemic forced all SSG sports league operations to stop.  SSG was striving to stay true to its core purpose and help bring play and connection to everyone living and working in a new remote world.

So, when the world pressed pause, SSG’s Founder and CEO, Kristi Herold, decided to press play.

She encouraged her teammates to experiment, test, and finesse fun virtual events and games to help corporate teams, school groups, and organizations connect through play, and eventually, JAM was born.

JAM = Work + Play!   

Since June of 2020 JAM has hosted over 1000s of virtual events, helping people globally (Canada, USA, UK, Belgium, France, Turkey, Columbia, Nigeria, China, India, Philippines, and Thailand) to connect through virtual play.

Let’s JAM!



Where JAM has been connecting remote teams through virtual play.