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Amazing Virtual Events

JAM clients explain why you should be one too.

Remote working teams require care and attention when it comes to team building and bonding within your company culture. Hear what these business leaders say about JAM virtual events.

J.J. Virgin

Founder, Mindshare Collective.

Celebrity nutrition expert and fitness hall of famer, JJ has launched over 10 businesses, is a 2-time INC 5000 Founder and is recognized as an authority on transformational leadership.

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Gordie Bufton

Director of Biz Dev, COO Alliance
Award-winning international speaker, Gordie specializes in helping people connect to what is essential.  He is passionate about wellness and healthcare.

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Ann Gomez

Founding President, Clear Concept Inc.
A productivity consultant, Ann’s mission in leading workshops across a variety of industries is to help busy professionals gain control over their time and be better leaders.  

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Dave Brady

Founder, CEO, Cream Productions

As CEO of Cream Productions, David and his team develop, finance and produce distinctive and award-winning content across a wide range of TV and digital platforms internationally. 

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Gord Wotherspoon

Educator, Crescent School, Toronto
Gord conducted action research in 2017/18 that has led him to assess developing essential questions when exploring multiple perspectives to enhance empathy in Grade 6 boys.

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Marshall Jay Kaplan

Showrunner & Director
Marshall is an award-nominated, Showrunner and Director as well as an Executive Producer, creating TV content, knowing for integrity and creativity.  

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Jesse Brannon

Director of Biz Dev, COO Alliance
Jesse has worked with thousands of the world’s top COO’s and is an expert in coaching these leaders to building and maintaining world-class company culture.