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Connect through play.

Teammates that play together form strong connections which increases engagement and loyalty. A JAM event will connect your team with laughter. 
Let’s JAM!

Interested in some fun reading?  Download our presentation deck for our remote events, and complete the event quote form to get more information.  You can also contact us by phone at Grand Rapids Sport & Social Club and ask for Chris Wessely: 616-608-5003.


Thought you needed a dabber and giant spinning bowl? Think again! Get your team together laughing, as our hosts make the calls. Music, theme-based and even customized options are available! Bingo cards are online for ease of play.


An engaging way to bring your team together! Get everyone thinking as our host delivers trivia of all levels to your group. Pick your theme in advance, and a link is sent to your team to bring everyone on-line at the same time for some laughs and skill-testing.

Escape Rooms

Engage your team’s collective wits as our host walks you through scenarios needing solutions in order to escape danger. A perfect team-bonding event blending collaboration, creativity and a dash of competition.

Scavenger Hunt

What treasures will your team dig up? During these hilarious hunts, you’ll learn more about your colleagues than you ever thought possible! Those old high school yearbooks might come in handy….

Cooking Classes

Enhance your culinary skills while following the step-by-step instructions of our master chef. From the comfort of your individual kitchen, your group will have fun creating some delectable delights.


Do you have a secret office Van Gogh? Or perhaps a few “Van No’s”? With this Pictionary-style game, enjoy laughs, some silly competition, and surprising revelations around your team’s creative talents!
JAM Survey Says Family Fued Style Game

Survey Says

Name an online activity that is always fun to play? Top answer on the board is: Survey Says. This ‘Family Feud’ inspired game challenges teams to work together to name the most popular answers to some funny survey questions.

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JAM Fitness Classes


This popular game show comes to JAM in a fun team format. Choose your category, keep control of the board, and be sure to submit your answer in the form of a question! “Who’s ready for fun Alex?”

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JAM Cooking Classes

Group Wellness

Work your mind and body with some group wellness activities. Choose from yoga, bootcamp, strength training or breathwork.

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JAM Fitness Classes

Mind the Gap

Fill in the blanks for fun! This old school word game will bring out the best in your team. Mind the gaps, and enjoy the laughs

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Let’s JAM!