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All the info you need about virtual events. Zero sales pressure.

Find Your Fun!

Join our production team for a free and fabulous 20-minute demo of the most popular JAM virtual events. All questions are welcome! Register for as many demos as you’d like and bring some guests!

All JAM Events demos are hosted on Zoom.

DateTime (EST)LengthGameThemeRegistration Link
Monday, September 1912:00 p.m.20 MinutesEscape RoomHolidayRegister
Wednesday, September 213:00 p.m.20 MinutesSurvey SaysHolidayRegister
Monday, September 2612:00 p.m.20 MinutesTriviaGeneralRegister
Wednesday, September 283:00 p.m.20 MinutesTriviaHolidayRegister
Monday, October 1012:00 p.m.20 MinutesSurvey SaysGeneralRegister
Wednesday, October 123:00 p.m.20 MinutesEscape RoomGeneralRegister
Monday, October 1712:00 p.m.20 MinutesEscape RoomHolidayRegister
Wednesday, October 193:00 p.m.20 MinutesSurvey SaysHolidayRegister
Monday, October 2412:00 p.m.20 MinutesTriviaGeneralRegister
Wednesday, October 263:00 p.m.20 MinutesTriviaHolidayRegister