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Games and Events for Remote & Hybrid Teams

Bring people together for virtual fun that makes connections, builds relationships, and strengthens your team from the inside out

Learn more about our laughter-guaranteed virtual games and events

Not sure where to start? Check out these events that get teams laughing again and again.

Escape Rooms

Work together to get your team out of some scary situations. Choose from Classic or Premium escape rooms. We also have holiday themed options.

Survey Says

Top answers are on the board. Collaboration and cooperation are the keys to this virtual “Family Feud” style game.


Teams are placed in random locations in the world and work together to figure out their geographic location based solely on their surroundings.

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Game Shows & Party Games

Crank your team spirit up to 11 with some friendly competition and a guaranteed dose of laughter. Best for groups of 20+, preferably with snacks.


Get your daily double dose of laughter with our version of “Jeopardy”. I’ll take “PLAY” for $500.


Always a fan favorite. Select the correct answer and show off your random acts of knowledge. When in doubt pick “C”

The Meme-ing of Life

You know the meme. Now make it your own! Teams compete to write the most outrageously funny meme combinations.

Name That Tune Bingo

We’ll play DJ and you match up the title of the song with the names on your bingo card. Choose your music genre: holiday tunes, 80s pop, TV theme song, classic rock and more. No dabber required.

Guess My Sketch

Is it easier to draw for your team or to guess what those scribbles are? Let’s find out in this virtual version of the hilarious Pictionary-style game.

Scavenger Hunt

Put your teamwork, brain power and creativity to the test as you collect items and complete challenges to earn points. Who will conquer their list and laugh their way to victory?

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Virtual Art & Cooking Experiences

Whether your skill level is Total Rookie or Artisan Master, learning together is a sure way to level up the team fun. Try a class in Art, Cooking, or Mixology, and share the messy joy of creating. Best for groups of 20+.

Art Classes

Unleash your creativity, share some laughs and learn something new. We make sure you have all the supplies needed and our professional artist hosts guide your group to sketching or painting greatness.

Cooking Classes

Get cooking with JAM’s top chefs and add some amazing new recipes to your repertoire. We have fun and fabulous menu options to suit most skill levels and dietary requirements.

Mixology Classes

Mix up some fun behind the virtual bar. Select a cocktail menu and our mixology experts will guide you through making the tastiest adult beverages imaginable. It’s art in a glass.

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Best Options for Hybrid Teams

JAM virtual experiences are a great way to connect your team with PLAY even if some of the team is virtual and some are in-person. Our experienced hosts make sure everyone gets in on the fun.

Escape Rooms

Work in small groups to get out of some scary situations. Put your creativity, teamwork, and shrewd instincts to the test – or just prove you’re a good guesser.

Survey Says

How well can each team work together to come up with the most popular answers and earn points? Put your creativity and collaboration skills to the test!


All wits on deck. Find out who knows a little about a lot or a lot about a little. A guaranteed daily-double dose of laughs.

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Go Custom!

Looking for something special? Let us bring fun and laughter to your corporate meeting or event with a customized experience made to suit. Big or small, loud or quiet, fast-paced or relaxing, we’ve got you covered. Great for onboarding, team meetings, and training and development.

Find your fun

Our virtual event was a roaring success. Our hosts were fantastic. I can’t tell you how many people messaged me asking when we could do this again!

Cheri Mungham Jiwani, HelloFresh

What’s your JAM? Find events that fit your team and watch connections grow

Fun isn’t one-size-fits-all, so we offer a wide selection of events that are flexible, customizable, and easy to enjoy wherever you are. And we take care of making it happen so all you have to do is play! Get ready for team building that doesn’t feel like work.

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  • Remote Onboarding
  • And many more!

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