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Make Your Next Team Event a 12/10

100% Fun. 0% Powerpoint.

We specialize in facilitated team building events guaranteed to get you laughing.

Our trained hosts and experienced production team ensure your event runs smoothly from start to finish, so all you have to do is show up and join in on the fun!

How it Works

Determine your event length and group size.

Our most popular In-Person and Virtual events are 90 minutes long and work best for groups of 20+. However, we have plenty of options for groups of all sizes and events ranging from 60 minutes to 3+ hours.

What types of events do you have?

Are you in person, virtual or a mix of both? Is your group a party games, puzzle challenges or sporty activities kind of crew? Check out our In-Person or Virtual events for ideas! If you don’t know what will work best for your group, don’t worry. We can help. We also offer customized event experiences.

Sounds great but how much are we talking?

Our event pricing varies depending on group size, event length and type of event. As a guideline, a 60 minute virtual event for 20 people starts at $30 per person. Click the Get Started button below to request a quote.

Sign me up! How do I book an event?

Sweet! Click the button below, tell us about your group, your dates and the type of event you’re interested in. A JAM team experiences consultant will be in touch within 24 hours to answer any questions and get your event booked.

Can I try an event for free?

Absolutely! Join our production team for a 20-minute virtual event demo and learn more about our most popular virtual games and events. Or get a mid-day play break with our Lunch ‘n Laughs. Ask all the questions. Bring anyone you’d like. Zero sales pressure. Free demo schedule.

Find your fun

Sample 90 minute virtual event agenda

We do the planning and preparation, you have the fun!

David was an awesome host, very organized and so much fun to work with.

Ashley Ealdama, Program and Events Manager, RBC

JAM in action!

We’ve helped thousands of teams thrive

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