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Extraordinary Team Building Experiences

Discover the Power of Play

Fun: It’s Glue for Your Team

Make connections, build community, and strengthen your company culture with team building activities and games for remote, in-person, and hybrid teams.

In today’s workplace, team building is more important—and more challenging—than ever. Our solution? Stop working at it! Bring your people together for lively, challenging, infectious fun that grows relationships organically.

The Power of PLAY

Having fun together does more than let off steam. It helps people feel engaged and included, and it builds a sense of community that translates to the workplace. Make play part of your company culture and give your team more reasons to love where they work.

Giving people a reason to stay

Employee turnover is your company’s arch-nemesis. It costs time and money, it disrupts your workflow, and it takes a bite out of team morale. The good news? While people leave for a lot of different reasons, studies show people stay for strong personal connections and a fun work environment.

  • Reduce high turnover costs
  • Avoid organizational disruption
  • Build stronger team bonds

Making wellness part of your culture

Great companies make it a priority to support the mental and physical health of their employees, and social interaction plays a big role in both. Social play boosts the benefits of physical activity, reduces stress, and builds a sense of belonging that’s just good for your people, inside and out.

  • Reduce stress through laughter and play
  • Re-energize through movement
  • Foster a sense of belonging by playing together

Exchanging more work for better work

Everyone’s busy! Schedules are tight! There’s no time for team building! Right? Wrong. Especially when stress levels are high, making time to play is the antidote to burnout. Fun recharges the brain battery, offers a chance to decompress, and lets your team come back to work with new focus.

  • Recharge brain power
  • Diffuse feelings of overload
  • Enable better teamwork

Opening the door to inspired thinking

A non-stop grind in a never-changing routine can cause ruts in your team’s workflow, making it hard for people to think outside the box. But workplace play kicks down barriers, gets energy (and laughter) flowing, and inspires the confidence to put even crazy, blue-sky ideas on the table. And isn’t that where the magic happens?

  • Break out of silos and hierarchy
  • Solve problems as a team
  • Cultivate curiosity

Building positivity that grows

Most of us spend more time at work than anywhere else, so the quality of that time matters a lot. Workplace play creates bonds, builds friendships, and promotes feelings of connection and inclusion that are especially important for remote workers. Best of all, happy staff are more likely to pass that positivity on to customers

  • Build relationships by sharing fun
  • Help remote employees feel included
  • Create happy employees who will pass that feeling on to customers

Discover the Power of PLAY:

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Here’s what our clients are saying!

We always have great time. Looking forward to our next event

Kim Johnson

Absolutely fantastic group to help you with your next event! We did our first in person 40 guest function and the JAM team knocked it out of the park! Every guest raved about the team, their energy and the games were so much fun! Highly, highly recommend!


JAM is great because it keeps us from spending hours trying to create a virtual event on our own.

Stacey Short, Executive Assistant
Cox Communications

We have had an overwhelmingly positive response from attendees in this event, and plan on using JAM again in future events. Thank you again for all your hard work and helping us coordinate such a fun event!

Cypress Weston, Talent Acquisition Analyst

Everything was spectacular. I would definitely recommend to other companies!

Gabrielle Sawh, Communications & Content Coordinator
Modu-Loc Fence Rentals

Thank you to the JAM Events team for the care and warmth you brought. From our initial meeting to the actual event, everyone we’ve interacted with had great professionalism and kindness. Keep that up!!

Margot Lyne, People and Culture Lead

Our experience with JAM was fantastic. We chose to book our team building event with you and I cannot say enough great things about it. The team was engaged from the ice-breaker until the very end. I’ve told several colleagues and friends about JAM and I look forward to our next event with you. P.S. Our hosts were amazing! They made our event that much better.

Jess Riley, Director of Operations
Helix Hearing Care