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It Pays to PLAY

Discover How Fun Can Fuel Your Success

4 teammates wearing red JAM tshirts share a laugh at an in-person team buildling event

When you connect your team through play, you create a culture with roots.

Why Play?

In today’s workplace, where companies are experimenting with in-person, remote, and hybrid work arrangements, making connections and building community isn’t as easy as chatting around the coffee maker. Enter workplace play! Having fun together helps teams feel engaged, sparks more happiness and belonging, and builds bridges that lead to other tangible benefits.

Two coworkers are smiling and discussing a project. Workplace play helps teams feel engaged, sparks more happiness and collaboration.
Improved retention, engagement and productivity is why play at work can benefit your organization.  A team of coworkers clap, laugh and solicit high fives.

Improved Retention, Engagement, and Productivity

Losing staff takes a heavy toll. It costs time and money, it disrupts your workflow, and it weakens morale while undermining your recruiting efforts. But you can win the fight against employee turnover. Making play part of your team culture helps build relationships, strengthens bonds, and promotes the kind of cohesive teamwork that people will stay for.

Mental and Physical Health

Thriving companies understand that employee wellbeing is the cornerstone of their success. Workplace play promotes physical and mental health, reduces stress and burnout, and creates opportunities for social interaction—the secret ingredient that makes the benefits of movement even better.

Workplace play promotes physical and mental health, reduces stress and burnout. African-Canadian Man in purple JAM t-shirt walking outside and smiling.
Play at work enables creative thinking, builds trust and ignites free-flowing energy. Person building a hot pink and sky blue Jenga tower.

Creativity and Innovation

New ideas are essential for growth, and workplace play is a great enabler when it comes to creative thinking. It builds trust and ignites free-flowing energy that encourages everyone to let their imagination run wild. Play also breaks down barriers of hierarchy, making it easier for those who work out of the spotlight to share their ideas confidently.

Culture and Happiness

Your work environment, like your garden, grows according to what it’s fed. Workplace play delivers positive experiences, shared laughter, and meaningful connections, all of which promote a culture of contagious happiness. People thrive together instead of struggling in isolation, and they bring that sunny outlook to everything they do.

Play at work delivers positive experiences, shared laughter and meaningful connections. Group of colleagues posing and smiling for the picture at their JAM team-building event. They are hoisting a trophy in celebration.

Play at work helps improve employee loyalty and retention

Estimated annual
voluntary turnover*

Employee Turnover graphic.


Average cost of turnover
(1.5 – 2x salary)*

Average cost of turnover graphic


Annual cost of turover
100 employee organization

Annual cost of turnover graphic

$2.8 M

*Source: 2021 US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Why JAM? Success on the outside starts on the inside

Our customizable events offer flexible, inclusive, easy to enjoy fun for remote and in-person teams, and we take care of the execution so all you have to do is play! Discover how laughter and engagement can fuel your success.

It Pays to PLAY

4 hands piled. "Create a winning workplace culture" graphic

Create a Winning Workplace Culture

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Foster Effective Communication

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Supercharge Energy & Productivity

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Reduce Stress Improve Mental Health

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