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Knowledge is Victory

Trivia can be tricky. But, with multiple-choice questions, the answer is right in front of you.
When in doubt, choose C.



Game Options 

Every Brainiac For Themself: Your brain is full of useless trivia facts and you have been waiting for this moment.  Answer questions correctly and quickly to maximize your points. Take the crown as office trivia master. 

Team vs Team: In this variation, we will split your teams into groups.  Old vs young vs too young to drive?  Accounting vs sales vs customer service? East vs West vs North?  We will still measure your individual results, but your score will ladder up to your team result.

Elimination: Answer a question incorrectly and you are out for that round.  The last person standing wins the round.  Rinse, repeat.

How it Works

  1. Book your time
  2. Charge up your connected device (phone, tablet, computer). Having two devices is even better.
  3. Our hosts will ensure your group is connected to our slick Trivia platform and will get the party going.
  4. For the duration of the game, all participants will remain in the same room.
  5. Worst case scenario: you can impress your friends later with all of your new factoids.


Virtual Events start at $30 per person / $500 event minimum. Additional discounts are available for groups of 50+.