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Get Your “Daily Double” of Fun

This TV game show-inspired virtual event will give you your daily-double dose of laughter.



How it works

  1. Book your time
  2. Charge up your connected device (phone, tablet, computer). Having two devices is even better.
  3. Choose to pre-assign your teams, or have our hosts do it for you! No need to rely on your just your own brain.
  4. Teams will be sent to their own break-out rooms and given two minutes to answer all category questions.
  5. As a larger group, the answers will be revealed, points will be scored and the next category will be chosen. Who will have control of the board?
  6. Most points wins!


Approximately $26-$36 per person, starting at $450/event. Do you want to ensure you have fun locked in the calendar for your team every month?  Check out our multi-event packages or our JAM Plans!